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We all want to CHANGE, but we don’t want to CHANGE OUR MIND!

 To be at your ULTIMATE HEALTH!

Sign up today for one of my plans and…

***Let’s TALK about how to eat great tasting nutritious REAL food

  ***LOSING WEIGHT without feeling like you are starving all the time

 ***Changing HABITS and making plans that WORK

 ***Cultivating RELATIONSHIPS that are meaningful


 ***Creating a RUCKUS in your work, turning the mundane to ART


 ***Finding the ACTIVITIES that rock your world


Sound like a plan????

Option LET’S GET STARTED includes:

Four 50 minutes sessions by phone, Skype, Face Time or plain ole’ face to face time

Weekly email support

Grocery shopping and cabinet clearing tips

First week grocery list and recipes

*WEIGHT LOSS of 5-15 pounds



Option LET’S GET SERIOUS includes:

The same as above, PLUS…

ONE additional session

Second week grocery list and recipes

L.O.V.E. Super Meal for twenty smoothies to knock your socks off (and a few more pounds)

Two other healthy products based on your individual health plan

Daily email support

Bonus gifts all to encourage a healthy YOU!



Option CREATE MY OWN PROGRAM includes:

You design your own program based on three sessions with me. The rest is up to you!

Starts at: $295


Option STAY THE SAME program:


True cost: $10,000+ in medical bills


*Weight loss varies from person to person and you may not have the same results