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Searching for a speaker for your next event?

Jane is an engaging speaker, bringing her expertise as a Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Chef to your group or organization. She has been the star of the Public Television Show, Choosing Happiness After Divorce, and has been a guest of Sheryl Borden’s on Creative Living many times. Please find below a list of suggested topics, but these can be adjusted to fit the needs of your event.

For information on available dates and pricing, please contact: jane@janeannthompson.com or 575-937-3579

Keys to Curbing the Sugar Monster Within

Sugar is one of the most insidious ingredients in processed foods today, showing up under a variety of names. It has been implicated as the primary cause of obesity in our country and a major contributor to the onset of Type II Diabetes. In The Sugar Blues,Jane will share with you:

     How to identify sugar in your diet.

     How to cut back on sugar and eliminate it from your diet.

     Is sugar toxic?

     Are artificial sweeteners any better? 

5 Steps to Lose Weight and Feel Great

Losing weight and being healthy is more than following a diet, yet we time and time again try fad diets, supplements and activities for what we hope will be instant weight loss. Learn how you can change you life by changing your mind about eating healthy, and other key aspects to living your best life.

     Key components to losing weight

     How to Change Your Mind and Change Your Life

     Salt, Sugar and Fat: How they affect what you eat

     The Exercise Myth

Choosing Happiness, Choosing Health

Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced world, many people are struggling to find simple happiness in their lives. Between juggling career and family, many people are running on empty. Neglecting to take time for one’s self,  neglecting exercise and living on a diet of fast food and junky snacks, there seems to be no solution. Let Jane share with you how to discover your own path to choosing happiness and choosing health through seven simple steps that can be implemented in even the busiest lives. You will learn:

     How to apply the “Golden Goose” theory to your life

     Why spirituality matters

     How eating healthy foods is easier than you think

     Why finding the exercise program that is right for you is best

     How examining relationships, career, spirituality and activities are all part of     being healthy


Choosing Happiness After Divorce

Divorce affects 90% of the American population in one form or another. What a person does with their life after divorce will affect all of those around them, possibly for generations to come. Find out how putting divorce behind you and moving on with your life can lead to happiness. Discover how to:

     Live a positive life

     Make your health a priority

     Be a good ex and keep your ex from getting to you

     How to keep your children positively involved in both parent’s lives regardless of circumstances

     Identify and avoid “divorce poison” at all costs

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