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Who needs rules?



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Who needs rules? You do! We all do! Success in being healthy is completely reliant on a plan, one that includes rules I will follow to be healthy. Once I know the rules and truly understand them, then they can be broken or bent to fit now and then. Having a clearly defined plan of action means I am more likely to be successful. If you are a person who bakes, you know a recipe for a cake must be followed, or it might not rise, or might turn out strangely lopsided or dry. It is the same with your eating plan. Every day you must plan what you will eat, when you will workout, what your day will look like, or you will fail. Only after you have done this over and over, will you then be able to break the rules, because you will understand the framework.

I now know I can break the rules on a cake recipe because I understand the rules of what makes the cake work and know I can balance it out and still be successful. But it took years of following the recipe before I understood how to break the rules.

Plan your meals and snacks daily. Understand what you need to eat to lose weight and feel great. By doing so, you won’t find yourself scarfing down junk when you get hungry because you will have plenty of healthy choices available. People have a difficult time sticking to a healthy eating or exercise routine if they don’t have a plan in place. Fail to plan; plan to fail.

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  1. donna woodford says:

    You have mentioned to cut dairy from one’s diet, but I keep hearing how Greek yogurt is supposedly good for the the digestive system. Could you demystify whether yogurt is an essential food that should be eaten daily?
    Donna Woodford

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