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The Sugar Diaries: What’s in a label?

Sugar rules the world, at least if you look at almost any food label in an American grocery store. Sugar is in everything and hidden under many names. It’s enough to make a person nuts! What’s the best way to avoid the pitfalls of label reading? Never buy anything that has a label. 

None of these items have a label.

farmer's market haul

Nor do these.

Buying fresh items saves a lot of time as there are no labels to read. When you do buy something with a label, read the ingredients. Sugar is sugar no matter how it’s labeled. And even if labeled “natural cane sugar” it is still SUGAR and still not good for you. I have been looking for a good article to refer you to on reading labels, but there are hundreds. Try this one. And Dr. Oz explains to overweight teens how to read labels here. If reading labels is so tough, then why are we eating so many foods with labels? That’s a subject for tomorrow!

Yesterday, I shared with you my quest to quit sugar. Could I quit on my own? Yes, with the knowledge I have, and a hard fast decision, I could, but by teaming up with another health coach, I have someone holding me accountable. If you need the accountability of a health coach in your life, contact me at: jane@janeannthompson.com.

Peace and Joy!

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