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An American in England

An American in England! Our adventure began on February 11, 2014, when our flight, which was to be on the 12th, was canceled. Rescheduled for the 14th, with three layovers instead of two, all went without a hitch and we landed in Bristol, England at 9:40 on the 15th. With five bags between us, 2 backpacks and a tote, we found a cart to haul it around and made our way to the taxi stand where our cabbie managed to cram it all in the back of his wee cab. Since we usually travel Europe, each with a carry-on size suitcase and a backpack, I was rather embarrassed to have so much luggage. We looked so…well…American. I found myself explaining to people how we are staying for three months. We don’t normally have this much luggage, yada, yada, yada…Anyway, here we are and after a day and half settling in to our flat in Bristol, we made our way to Birmingham for a trade show.

The Crown Plaza at the NEC in Birmingham, sits on Pendigo Lake. There are little platforms jutting into the lake on which fishermen sit every day. The lake is lovely, but were it not surrounded by large industrial pavilions and a major construction site for a CASINO, it would be better! Someone, someday, must explain to me the draw of a casino. I just don’t get it.

I walked around the lake this afternoon to capture the sun for the brief period it made itself known, and watched the honkers (what I know as Canadian Geese) feeding along the shore. Then as I rounded the far side, a pair were in hot pursuit of a fisherman finishing up for the day. He had dumped the rest of his bait into the water, and one of the pair was quite keen on scooping it up, while his mate honked along 20 yards behind him. Loved watching them. 

So I am, I believe, almost adjusted to the time difference. I am planning to sleep well tonight. I just wanted to get this page set up on my site and check in with you all. So stay tuned for better posts and pictures. I am without my cord to hook up camera to computer, so will be next week before I can get pictures posted.

Looking forward to much adventure in buying, cooking and eating here in England. I’ll be back to fill you in on how that goes soon! XO


The travails of traveling

trail at Arthurs Seat

The travails of traveling: weight gain. Yes, I gained a few pounds on my travels. Yes, even the health coach doesn’t have perfect discipline. Staying dedicated to eating healthy can be difficult when tempted with dessert or a few drinks causing even the dedicated to falter. Back home, I found I had gained FOUR pounds! Yikes!


cakeScotch tasting

¬†HOWEVER, this is where having a home routine has paid off. I’ve already lost two pounds and well on the way to losing the others. As soon as I returned, I stocked up on my usual healthy offerings and just got right back into my nutrient dense, low calorie favs and I feel like I’m back on track.

Don’t let a few pounds gained on a trip knock you off track. We all slip into temptation now and then. It’s knowing how to put that behind you and keep moving forward that makes the difference. Jump right back into routine when you return from a trip, and reap the benefits of eating healthy.

Having trouble getting started with a healthy routine? Let me help you to find the right path for YOU! Contact me: jane@janeannthompson.com and take control of your life!

Fondant au chocolat

In a foreign land…

eating can be challenging!


Unusual choices can make it difficult for the squeamish and

Fondant au chocolat

the temptations can be overwhelming for the weak (um, that would be me!) and

Grand Salade

healthy may be somewhat rare


and choices of a healthier nature may be a toss up,


but knowing it is a short time and reigning in now and then can get you home without too much excess weight. I am in Lyon, France and the food is fantastic. Though my choices are very limited in most restaurants, due to sausage being the meat du jour every day, I have found some gems of healthiness, and been tempted, and given in, to desserts that are heavenly. The top picture is a Dorado and it was delicious. I am not squeamish about the head, as I grew up fishing as a kid. The dessert is Fondant au Chocolat, which is basically the recipe for what I know as Molten Chocolate Cake that is baked in a shallow pan so the inside is soft and melty, but not runny like the Molten variety. The salad (I forgot to take a picture before I dug in, and it was beautiful) had half an avocado filled with shrimp and a tangy sauce, placed on a bed of salad greens and surrounded by grapefruit slices, orange slices, tomatoes and salmon. It was incredible and probably the healthiest item I have eaten all week! As for the cappuccino, followed by the drinking chocolate, both might be considered healthy, due to the flavonoids and antioxidants provided by both chocolate and coffee, but the drinking chocolate does have sugar and might be excessive, though I am definitely having it at least one more time while here.

I have talked about travel in the past and how difficult it can be to eat healthy on the road, but the most important thing to remember is to make your indulgent choices worth it and avoid those that aren’t your favorite. For me that means indulging in a chocolate dessert and a chocolate drink a few times, but not having dessert just to have dessert. Last night I went to bed with a tummy ache from all the rich food and drink, so I am vowing to eat lighter today and drink less. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Peace and joy!




Travels with the Friday Foodie

Veggie Lasagna Oslo

This is one of my last meals in Oslo, a vegetable lasagna. The noodles were homemade and very thin. Full of veggies and just a little cheese it was incredibly delicious. The sauce was a hollandaise for the asparagus that was so delicious I wanted to lick the bowl clean, but I didn’t. Notice how small the portions. In Europe, meals are always small portions. And vegetables are always served along side any dish. Our friends in Denmark and in France all commented that in their trips to the USA they go home sick from too much food, too many burgers, and no vegetables. We told them that is why we do not eat out much here as it is difficult to get a right sized meal or vegetables.

Here’s a few more pics from different places:

Vegetable tart Oslo

A mushroom tart that was more like a very thin crust pizza. Arugula is often piled onto this kind of dish.

Chevre and tomato tart Dublin

This was a favorite in Dublin, a tomato tart with salad and coleslaw, all delicious!

Guinness in Wicklow

And what would a visit to Ireland be without a Guinness? Though I concentrated on the ciders more often than the beer, I had to have a Guinness or two along the way. Cheers!

Market in Oslo

One of the best ways to eat healthy on a trip to Europe or in the USA is take advantage of fresh produce in the grocery or market. This is the fruits and vegetables of a small grocery in Oslo. Picking up some healthy choices for a picnic or a snack can help keep you on the right track no matter where you travel. I’ll share some more pics through out the week. Bon appetite!

Peace and joy!


Travels with the Friday Foodie: Oslo


I had a visitor in my room yesterday, all the way up on the tenth floor, which in USA means the eleventh floor. The little bugger was exhausted, but I “helped” him back out the window before he had the chance to revive and use his stinger!

Eating healthy on the road can be tricky, especially in Europe where pastry is the easiest breakfast to find, but I am finding some gems here and there, and last night was one for sure. We ate at Cafe Saracafe Sara where they serve a bit of everything, though seem to have a Turkish emphasis. I started with an eleven dollar glass of house red wine, yikes, but house in Europe is usually a very good wine, and this was no exception! For my meal I had vegetable kebobs!


They were grilled soft and had a light sauce that probably was made of yogurt. The side salad had a dressing of lemon and maybe a hint of oil. The rice and veggies were perfect together, but I only took a bite of the pita bread. Surprisingly, it was a bit bland and didn’t seem worth the calories. And this is one of the secrets of not over eating on the road. If something is not absolutely delicious, cast it aside and save calories for the treats you know you will allow yourself, which for me is some incredible pastries and of course…CHOCOLATE!

Healthy is always possible, but knowing there will be allowances made makes for a more realistic and enjoyable experience!

What are your tricks for traveling?

Peace and joy!