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Friday Foodie Minute: Avocado and Tomato Salad

Friday Foodie Minute: Avocado and Tomato Salad

This salad takes not much more than a minute to throw together, yet is incredibly delicious. The avocado makes it rich enough to eat for a meal or divide up into side salads for several. Use cherry tomatoes cut in half or slices of a really great meaty tomato. Try it with cilantro and ancho fruit vinegar, or basil and balsamic. Whichever you choose, this is a great salad that is easy and quick to prepare. Hope you will give it a go!

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Tomatoland, by Barry Estabrook



Tomatoland, by Barry Estabrook, is an eye opening book about what goes on behind the scenes in the land of tomatoes. He gives a history of the ugly hiring and employment tactics of big tomato agribusiness in Florida, a state so ill suited to growing tomatoes that dangerous pesticides are the norm. Understanding where our food comes from and how it is grown and processed to market, gives us more control and say in what we want to put in our bodies. This book provides just that. Though repetitive in some places, over all it is an interesting and compelling read. Understanding why supermarket tomatoes have no flavor, how flavor has been bred out in place of rock hard solid tomatoes that can make it to market and survive rough handling, helps make the case for growing your own or buying them at a local farmer’s market. It also makes the case for eating fresh tomatoes in season only and using canned the rest of the year if tomatoes are a must. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to know where the food they eat comes from and how it gets to them. This book has made me think twice about what kind of tomatoes I purchase and from where I make the purchase. Overall, an interesting read. Find a copy in My Favorites.