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Travels with the Friday Foodie

Veggie Lasagna Oslo

This is one of my last meals in Oslo, a vegetable lasagna. The noodles were homemade and very thin. Full of veggies and just a little cheese it was incredibly delicious. The sauce was a hollandaise for the asparagus that was so delicious I wanted to lick the bowl clean, but I didn’t. Notice how small the portions. In Europe, meals are always small portions. And vegetables are always served along side any dish. Our friends in Denmark and in France all commented that in their trips to the USA they go home sick from too much food, too many burgers, and no vegetables. We told them that is why we do not eat out much here as it is difficult to get a right sized meal or vegetables.

Here’s a few more pics from different places:

Vegetable tart Oslo

A mushroom tart that was more like a very thin crust pizza. Arugula is often piled onto this kind of dish.

Chevre and tomato tart Dublin

This was a favorite in Dublin, a tomato tart with salad and coleslaw, all delicious!

Guinness in Wicklow

And what would a visit to Ireland be without a Guinness? Though I concentrated on the ciders more often than the beer, I had to have a Guinness or two along the way. Cheers!

Market in Oslo

One of the best ways to eat healthy on a trip to Europe or in the USA is take advantage of fresh produce in the grocery or market. This is the fruits and vegetables of a small grocery in Oslo. Picking up some healthy choices for a picnic or a snack can help keep you on the right track no matter where you travel. I’ll share some more pics through out the week. Bon appetite!

Peace and joy!


The Cowgirl

outside cowgirl champagne with friends
On the patio, listening to Champagne with Friends.

One of my favorite bars/restaurants in Santa Fe is definitely the Cowgirl. Though plenty of out-of-towners find their way here, it does have more of a locals vibe. From the stuffed poblano chile relleno, to the margaritas and music, the Cowgirl rocks. Though I don’t eat meat any longer, I did enjoy their barbeque nachos back in the day, but I think they are even better vegetarian style, sans the meat. Most any night of the week there is some kind of live music going on. Our first experience with Boris McCutcheon and the Salt Licks was at Cowgirl, and we’ve been following this band around the area ever since. Check out the calendar on Cowgirl to see who is playing next. You will find Cowgirl on Guadalupe street, just a little ways down from the train depot. Pull up a chair outside on the patio during the summer and fall months or enjoy a cozy fire inside during the winter. Either way, Cowgirl is worth a visit! See you there!

New Year's Eve Cowgirl
New Year’s Eve at the Cowgirl featuring the band, Chango!


See you around Santa Fe!