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Beat Diabetes

Say bye bye to low carb diets!



I am stepping out on a limb here, but the low carb diets making the rounds these days may be killing you. Eating mountains of meat is going to push your cholesterol levels up and cause serious heart disease symptoms. Now before you send me hate mail, let me temper this with a few things. First of all, only one in three people will experience the high cholesterol rise. You could be one of the two who doesn’t see this occur. Great. But have you had your levels checked? Are you checking them often enough to monitor this occurrence?

Next, a lot of people on the low carb (yes, I’m talking primal) are still junking it with their diets. What I mean is, they are eating cheap meat and meat of all kinds, instead of choosing high quality, no hormone, no antibiotic, what the animal was meant to eat, meat. If you want to eat like a caveman, then eating meat raised in feed lots is NOT giving you a caveman diet. AND, are you eating your veggies? Lots of them? If not, your missing out on the nutrients you need to stave off disease and heart attack.

Now, one more question for you: Ladies, in caveman, hunter gatherer societies, did the women eat the same way the men did? My theory, based on why so many women have trouble sticking with the primal diet for any length of time and staying healthy, is that women were the gatherers, you know, seeds, berries, root veggies, and while the men were out on a hunt, they ate a lot more of what they gathered than of the meat that might or might not have been brought back to camps. Is my theory crazy? No more than the whole primal theory really.

I am advocating for you to eat healthy. If you are eating meat, then make it the best and in small quantities. There is research that shows more than 10-12 ounces a week is likely to send you into the danger zone. Ramp up the veggies no matter what your diet and eat your GOMBBS! (Greens, onions, mushrooms, beans, berries and seeds/nuts). Eating is definitely a personal choice. Make it the healthiest choice and say bye bye to low carb diets!

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