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Travels with the Friday Foodie: Oslo


I had a visitor in my room yesterday, all the way up on the tenth floor, which in USA means the eleventh floor. The little bugger was exhausted, but I “helped” him back out the window before he had the chance to revive and use his stinger!

Eating healthy on the road can be tricky, especially in Europe where pastry is the easiest breakfast to find, but I am finding some gems here and there, and last night was one for sure. We ate at Cafe Saracafe Sara where they serve a bit of everything, though seem to have a Turkish emphasis. I started with an eleven dollar glass of house red wine, yikes, but house in Europe is usually a very good wine, and this was no exception! For my meal I had vegetable kebobs!


They were grilled soft and had a light sauce that probably was made of yogurt. The side salad had a dressing of lemon and maybe a hint of oil. The rice and veggies were perfect together, but I only took a bite of the pita bread. Surprisingly, it was a bit bland and didn’t seem worth the calories. And this is one of the secrets of not over eating on the road. If something is not absolutely delicious, cast it aside and save calories for the treats you know you will allow yourself, which for me is some incredible pastries and of course…CHOCOLATE!

Healthy is always possible, but knowing there will be allowances made makes for a more realistic and enjoyable experience!

What are your tricks for traveling?

Peace and joy!


Travels with the Friday Foodie


Greetings from Oslo, Norway! The Friday Foodie is on the road and enjoying some great food, though not always as healthy as I would like, but good nonetheless. This new website didn’t go live until I got to Copenhagen, Denmark, and only today got the right app loaded, so hoping I can make this work well enough from my iPad. We arrived in Oslo this morning and by the time we arrived at our hotel we were starving so off to find lunch in one of the most expensive cities in the world. A small bistro was in order where I enjoyed a falafel burger, with taki sauce and hummus, as well as lettuce, a beautiful mix of different kinds, not a bit of iceberg like in the USA, and a side of hummus to spread on as well. A delicious burger to say the least and in an attractive setting.

This is my third time to visit Oslo, but the first time I landed in sunshine where I could really see the beauty of the countryside. This is also my first time to be here in the summer and it is lovely. My first stop in Europe was in Schipol, Netherlands. From there to Dendermonde, Belgium. While there, I ate at Barley’s,my favorite restaurant. I indulged in mussels, as one must have mussels in Belgium.


These were baked with tomatoes and cheese and simply delicious! I then had a salad with a roasted chevre toast. One of my favorite salads!


And you might notice, there are frites on the side, as they come with EVERYTHING in Belgium and they are always served with mayonnaise. I only ate a few here, but back in Amsterdam, well hot and fresh from a street vendor, I ate quite a few!



I will share other highlights as I travel and some tips on eating healthy, MOST the time while on the road!

Peace and joy!