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7 Years of joy!

Steve and me

Today is our 7th anniversary and almost nine years since we first met. We were married on the deck of the Bavarian Lodge, in Taos Ski Valley March 11, 2006. I have to say, my life has been so changed by Steve, who has loved me beyond reason, encouraged me to stretch my thinking, grow each day spiritually, to believe in myself, and to have faith that everything happens for a reason. I truly found the love of my life, as well as my best friend in him, and am thankful each and every day for his presence.

We have been through some difficult times with a situation outside of our control, but we weathered the storm. We learned early on that you can let others determine your life, or you can determine your own in spite of them. I think what is most important though, is to know that we all have problems. We all have difficult times, but what you do with those difficult times is what matters. Sometimes we just have to stop and realize that even the most taxing problem pales in comparison to others who face true physical or financial difficulties. Sometimes, one just needs to put things in perspective.

Today, as I celebrate the greatest love I have ever known, I wish for each of you love beyond reason, incomparable kindness, gratitude and the wisdom to know that the relationships you have should never be squandered. Your life can be turned upside down in a split second, so enjoy every single minute, be kindest to those you love and never take them for granted. Love with abandon and see if the world is not a beautiful place!

Peace and Joy!