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The Sugar Diaries: Laziness



Though Thursdays are usually My Santa Fe blog, I decided to continue with the Sugar Diaries on a topic I mentioned yesterday: why are we eating so many foods with labels? All the items in the snacks above came in packages with labels, and most have multiple, not so good for you ingredients. BUT, the package is easy to open, it’s lying right there in front of you on the counter top or just inside the cabinet door and it’s easy to grab, pop open and gobble down half the package. Am I right? You know it! I call that the laziness factor and believe me I’ve been there, done that! But there is a way to beat the lazy factor. First and foremost, avoid buying snacks of any kind in packages, unless there is just one ingredient listed. Second, when you arrive home from the grocery store with pretty fruits and veggies, don’t relegate them to the vegetable drawer cause you know what’s going to happen. Two weeks later you have a funny smell emitting from the fridge every time you open the door since you never bothered to eat them. Instead, wash, cut, and present in bowls or bags right in the middle of the fridge so when you open the door, they’re easy to grab.

Too rushed for even that? Then buy bags of little carrots, sliced apples, sliced pineapple, berries, or celery already prepared so you need do nothing.

The laziness factor hit me square in the face the preliminary day before I started the sugar program. We received samples of a new “power bar” at work and even though I brought almonds and carrots for a snack, I was too lazy to go back to the break room and dig them out of my locker. Instead, I opened that bar up and ate every bite without even glancing at the label. I have been very aware of my actions since that moment. I am doing quite well on the program. No sugar since Friday. Being accountable to someone is really helping.

Need some accountability in your life? Contact me at: jane@janeannthompson.com for a free health and wellness consultation. Let’s talk about beating the lazy factor and getting healthy. I will be offering a pre-diabetes program soon. Watch for it here!

Peace and Joy!