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The Sugar Diaries: Is Sugar Toxic?




citrus fruit





Healthy sugars are found in fruits and dates.




My sugar recovery program continues this week and I am doing fantastic. Last week, I gave up sugar. Quit cold turkey. Do I feel deprived? NO! What I do feel is GREAT! After the fourth day, I felt most the craving was gone and other than a mild afternoon craving on the eighth day, which I squelched by eating a bar made of dates, nuts, coconut and cocoa, I have had no desire for sugar.

So why would I give it up? FOR MY HEALTH!!! Think that’s crazy? Then watch this:    Is Sugar Toxic  from 60 Minutes on CBS.

While I was attending Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I learned a great deal about all things nutrition. During my studies, I came upon an article in the New York Times about the toxicity of sugar, and learned how toxic sugar was to my body, but felt I could keep eating some, mostly in the form of dark chocolate, which doesn’t seem to spike a mad spiral of addiction. Finding myself spiraling out of control again after Christmas this year then, took me by surprise and this time I knew I had to be drastic. Sugar is addicting and toxic. Still don’t believe? Then watch this:  The short version of: Sugar, the bitter truth, by Underground Wellness  (Love this guy!) He is summing up for you the 90 minute version of: Sugar, The Bitter Truth, which you can watch here: Mini Medical School: Sugar, The Bitter Truth

No one wants to feel deprived. Right? But if sugar is going to deprive you of your health, and for many, many, people it is certainly doing that, which would you rather be? Deprived of sugar? Or deprived of your health? I’ll take sugar, thank you very much!

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If you would like to try the Sugar Recovery Program you can find it here: HRL Sugar Recovery System

Interested in becoming a health coach? Let me refer you to IIN.

Peace and Joy!