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Sleep Time for weight loss

asleep on the job

Sleep and weight loss go hand in hand. Catching enough Zzzzz’s is part of keeping a check on your weight, and of course not falling asleep on the job. People who don’t get their 7-9 hours of sleep tend to weigh more because they eat more. Research shows that the hormones Leptin and Ghrelin play an important roll in our ability to maintain a healthy weight. When you don’t get enough sleep, Leptin levels, which govern hunger, go down and keep you from feeling satisfied when you eat. Therefore, you eat a lot more, never feeling full. Gherlin rises, which stimulates your appetite, keeping HUNGER knocking at your stomach all day.

Love to read on your tablet or watch television before shut eye? You may find yourself two hours away from good sleep because the light from such devises suppresses melatonin production, delaying sleep by about 25 percent.

To get a a good night’s rest, limit device time, whether television, computer or reader, turning them off at least thirty minutes before sleep. Like reading on your device? Invest in a filter that blocks shortwave blue-light emissions or pick up an old fashioned book and read till drowsy. Additionally, go to bed at a reasonable hour each night, one that allows you to wake on your own without an alarm clock.

Sleep is vital for your overall health and for keeping your job! Get your Zzzzz’s!


My Santa Fe: Blue Corn Cafe

This way to Blue Corn Cafe


Good morning fans of My Santa FeBlue Corn Cafe, downtown at 133 Water Street, is another favorite for us. We are big fans of the Wednesday night, all night, $2.00 pints and the bartender, Dom.

Dom at Blue Corn




















The bar has recently been remodeled, and though I loved the coziness of the old bar, the new is a great place to watch a game and hang out with friends. The staff is friendly and the food is great. We always enjoy a visit here. I have been on a quest to find the best Huevos Rancheros here in Santa Fe and believe I have found them at Blue Corn.





This is a rare treat dish for me, but as a true New Mexican, one cannot go without eating it on occasion. Two corn tortillas layered with red chile, a bit of cheese and then covered in more red chile with two eggs, for me over medium, on top and you have the perfect combination of deliciousness. Blue Corn red chile sauce has just the right punch and flavor.




As a health coach, believe me, chips are not a healthy choice, but Blue Corn Cafe has the thinnest, crispiest chips and every now and then I must indulge. The secret to enjoying chips is to load your chip with the salsa and guacamole, both very healthy, savor the flavor and then only eat a few of the chips.

The interior of the new bar is light filled during the day, and has great lighting in the evening.




Including some unique features.




The menu is varied and they do have some healthier choices than huevos. The salads can all be adjusted for the health conscious and the tortilla filled salad is really good, but DO NOT eat the shell and leave off the sour cream.

There are two locations for Blue Corn, the cafe downtown, and the brewery located at 4056 Cerrillos Road. We stop in there every now and then if we find ourselves on that side of town.

Both locations offer the brewery’s beers. My favorite is End of the Trail Brown Ale. Steve likes an IPA, but branches out to their seasonals now and then. They had a Scotch Ale earlier this year, which is my ultimate fav. Must be my Scottish roots.

Give Blue Corn Cafe a try. Tell Dom I sent you and enjoy!

See you around Santa Fe!

walking through gate




















Peace and Joy!


The Sugar Diaries: How I’m changing my health and you can too!

I am sitting in Starbucks this morning, trying their “new” steel cut oats. They were supposed to have blueberries available, but they don’t, so having mine with nuts and cinnamon. No Sugar Added!! I know the addictive power of sugar, but it really has come home to me over the last couple of months. It started on my trip to Europe with a few desserts. When I returned home, straight into Thanksgiving, there were a few pieces of  pie and then I got more cautious, but as Christmas approached, I had a bit here and there, and with a few sugary gifts in my stocking I was whole hog addicted again! Yikes! Spent several weeks eating sweets with abandon and my joints started aching, I wasn’t sleeping well, I started riding the sugar roller coaster, and had just an overall feeling of unease. This is what sugar does to us and more! I decided I had to get back on track and so I approached my friend and colleague, Claudia Olivié, about trying her sugar addiction program because I am ready to kick the habit for good. She agreed to take me on and here I am, four days in.

As a health coach, it is hard to admit I’m not doing the health thing perfect all the time, because I really want to. However, we all have our difficult moments and this one has been mine. And let’s face it, no one is perfect. Admitting we need help though is half the battle. So the health coach, hired a health coach, just like, arguably the best golfer in the world, Tiger Woods, has a swing coach, and triathletes hire coaches, and doctors see other doctors. We all need the assistance of others.

I am on my fourth day of the two week sugar program, and have lost a couple of the pesky pounds I gained, my head is clearing up, and I have more energy this morning, even though I had a short night’s sleep. Yesterday, the third day, was the toughest so far, as Claudia said it would be, so I look for today to be easier and all the days to come to be easier yet. This is a program with lots of support, but Claudia does not “sugar coat” her method. She knows what she’s doing and expects you to follow the program to the letter to achieve great results and I know I will. So far so good. Or maybe I should say GREAT.

I’ll share more with you as I go. I will also have Claudia guest blog here so you can hear a bit from her as well.

Need some help getting your health together? Just a tweak or a full overhaul? Sign up for a free health and wellness consultation and let’s talk about ways to get your body and mind where you want them to be.


Peace and Joy!



Are You Equipped?

Yesterday, I arrived at the pool only to discover I had left my goggles, earplugs and towel at home. I was ill equipped for my workout, but decided to give it a go. I borrowed goggles from the desk, a pair someone had obviously discarded, as they no longer had the ability to adhere to the face. When it didn’t work, I borrowed goggles from the lifeguard, but when water got in my ears, I became dizzy and so ended up just doing kick board. I at least got a lower body work out. Then I dried myself well enough to get dressed, by standing under the hand dryer in the dressing room. Needless to say, a less than stellar workout.

While kicking along on my kick board, I started thinking about how this applies to the bigger scheme of life: we cannot accomplish anything we set out to do when we are not equipped for the task. Losing weight, getting in shape, feeling good about yourself, all require you be equipped, whether that be with knowledge, support of others or the right physical equipment, you must outfit yourself for the journey.

How many times have you tried a “diet” and failed to lose weight? or failed to keep it off? What about your health? Doctors can give you pills, but do they really heal you or just make the symptoms go away for now? Do you fail at workout programs, never sticking with them? Most of our “failures” in life are from not being equipped.

What are you doing to equip yourself for success?

Let me coach you to Ultimate Health! For information on a program designed specifically for you contact me at: jane@janeannthompson.com

Peace and Joy!

Slacker Syndrome

Martigues mkt

Are you suffering from slacker’s syndrome? I sort of have been lately. I have not been eating nearly enough vegetables, the most important ingredient for good health. It is easy, even for the health coach, to slack off on any good habit, but the key is to recognize the problem and jump on top of it quickly.

Are you slacking off on good habits lately? Whether it’s eating enough fruits and veggies, or including daily exercise in your life, or not seeing to the important relationships that need tender loving care daily, today make the decision to get back on track and stop slacking.

To get my mojo back, I started rereading, Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I want to remind myself exactly why I need to eat healthy and this is the perfect book to do the trick. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it, as he will change your health and life.

Slacking? What are you doing to get back on track?

Peace and joy!


dessert plate

Back on track

dessert plate
Dessert plate at Outre Terre, Annonay, France

Having trouble staying on track? I know I do sometimes, especially while traveling, but strangely, even more so when I return from a trip. I think getting out of your normal routine, sampling new foods, eating things you haven’t had for awhile, or just not sleeping as well as one does at home, can all add up to major derailment of your previously good eating habits. I know, because I just found myself there. I HAD to bring home a few Belgian chocolates, oh and a few French as well from the oldest chocolatier in France, Dromel Aine`. The website is in French, but you can still drool over the pictures! So I came home with chocolates, gave some away where I work, and well, ate most the rest myself. Yikes! But all is not lost!! Yes, I ate too much, but now it’s time to stop and move forward. In the past I would have just stayed on the downward spiral. You know what I mean? Oh I messed up, what will one more day of eating chocolate hurt? How about one more cookie? I’ll think about it tomorrow! For me turning the spiral around takes writing down my intention. The act of putting pen to paper makes it real, makes it sink into my brain. And then saying it out loud to someone helps make me be accountable. Even saying out loud to myself helps! Now it’s back to clean and healthy eating and with just a few days I have more energy and feel great!


Finding yourself off track? What do you do to get it back together? You are your own Ultimate Health Coach.

Peace and joy!



Friday Foodie: Southwestern Massaged Kale Salad


Massaged Kale salads are all over the internet, but I haven’t seen one with a southwestern twist and since New Mexican food is my favorite, I decided to spice up the kale. This is now my all time favorite salad. I can’t get enough of it. And the great thing is, I can make it for dinner and have left overs that last two days. The lime keeps the avocado fresh and the salad just gets tastier. This is a super easy salad to make and I promise, you’ll love it!


I bought this huge bunch of kale at the grocery store. When it is this big, the leaves and stems are tougher, but will work nonetheless. I bought some much smaller, baby kale at the farmer’s market a few weeks ago, and the tender small leaves were incredible. I plan to grow my own, which will go in the ground next week. Looking forward to making this salad all summer long and coming up with other variations.


Remove the center stem all the way up the leaf. Then, on a big heavy leaf like this, remove some of the other larger stems as you tear the leaves into bite size pieces.


Wash the kale and if available, run through a salad spinner to remove any excess water, or pat dry.


I used two avocados when making this, as I had already used a third of the kale earlier in the week. When using a big bunch from the grocery, three avocados is appropriate, and the printed recipe indicates this. When I made a salad from the baby kale I bought at the farmer’s market, I used one avocado. Take a look at your proportions to decide and scale down accordingly.


Mash the avocado, or not. This is a regular potato masher, but works well with avocado. You can just use your hands and not bother with a masher or fork, if preferred. I’ve done this both ways and either works well.

Mix avocado and kale

Now the fun part begins! Massage all that wonderful avocado bliss into the kale. Rub vigorously and keep going till all the avocado, lime, garlic and salt are rubbed in and the kale has broken down in total submission. The leaves will feel softer and smoother.

massaged Kale

The kale will decrease in volume and become tender from the massage. Then add


chopped cilantro and


chopped shallots. I slice mine super thin, then chop them into large pieces. If desired, a finely chopped jalapeno is fantastic in this salad. (I forgot a picture of the jalapeno, sorry!)


Toss all of this together and serve with a few chopped nuts on top. I would prefer pinons (pine nuts) but I was out and used walnuts instead. They were good too!

roasting walnuts

Small batches of chopped nuts are easily toasted in a skillet on the stove top. Keep a close eye on them and shake the pan often, until slightly toasted.

massaged kale salad

And VOILA, the tastiest, healthiest salad on the planet! Enjoy!

Here is the recipe. For a printable copy, click on the title.


5.0 from 1 reviews
Friday Foodie: Southwestern Massaged Kale Salad
Recipe type: Salad
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 3 large salads or 6 small salads
Massaged Kale Salad with a New Mexican Twist
  • One large bunch of fresh kale
  • 2 - 3 small ripe avocados, peeled and chopped or mashed
  • 2 large cloves garlic, minced
  • juice of ½ a lime
  • ¼ - ½ tsp sea salt
  • ¼ c chopped cilantro
  • ½ c chopped shallot
  • 1 small jalapeno, finely chopped (optional)
  • ¼ c chopped nuts or pinons (optional)
  1. Remove center stem from kale and any other large stems. Tear into bite size pieces. Rinse and dry.
  2. In a large bowl place avocado, garlic, lime and salt. Add the torn kale leaves and begin to massage the avocado into the kale. Really work it hard. This breaks down the fibers in the leaves and softens them. When all avocado has been incorporated and the leaves are soft and smoother, add the chopped cilantro, shallots and jalapeno if using. Toss and serve. Sprinkle with toasted nuts. This makes three large salads for a meal or six side salads.