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Beat Diabetes

The most ignored aid for weight loss


This is so simple. You do it every second of every day, but how you do it is the key. Guess what it is? Breathing! Why breathing? Because most of us are way over stressed, which causes extra cortisol production, which is good in short situations, but for most of us, we are producing too much cortisol all the time, never giving our bodies a break, which can lead to chronic stress, which is trouble with a capital T. Whew!

How do we break this stress cycle? Through breathing. Taking time to really breathe. Start with 5 minutes. Find a comfortable spot, set a timer and begin a slow meditative breathing pattern of 8 counts breathing in, and 8 counts breathing out. Slow. Nice and slow. Your mind will wander, but pull it back to counting the breaths and feel your mind and body relax. Work up to about 30 minutes a day and over time, you will begin to stay relaxed in stressful situations. Your body will automatically switch into relaxation mode when over stressed.

Now, how does this relate to weight loss? When the body is in chronic stress mode, it holds onto fat because it fears a starvation period. Our bodies fight or flight response is in high gear. This causes major cravings and we all know that means sugar sweetened calories or ooey gooey cheesy, fatty dishes. Right? We want to break this pattern to break the cravings.

Find time today for YOU! Start with those five minutes and breathe. Just breathe. Repeat daily and build up a 30 minute practice. Your health is in your hands!

Peace and joy!



Friday Foodie: Crunchy Chickpeas




I love a little snack in the afternoon, but nuts are what I always want to grab and instead of eating just a small handful, I go back for 1 or 2 more. That’s a lot of fat added to my diet that I don’t need. Yes, nuts are healthy, but only in small doses. So what’s a crunch fan to do? Roast a few chickpeas, that’s what!


I rinsed a can of chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans), tossed them in 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, (I wanted just enough oil to make the spice stick, without adding too much fat) and coated them with Northwoods seasoning from Penzey’s. It’s a mix of herbs, sweet Hungarian paprika, black pepper and garlic. I poured the seasoned chickpeas on my preheated backing stone, but any cookie sheet will do, and roasted them for just about 40 mins. at 400. I stirred them at 15 mins and started checking on them at 30 mins. You want them to be crunchy all the way through, but not burnt.

Once I had the crunch I desired, I poured them on a paper towel to cool. Be sure you don’t put them in a container until completely cool or they lose their crunch.

You can make these with any spice you like. Try a chili, garlic, or onion powder. Cumin or paprika. Even a wasabi powder. The choices are endless.

And there you have it, a delicious, nutritious treat!

Have a healthy weekend!

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Lining up for breakfast!



Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. In continuing my series on breakfast ideas, here are a few that can start your day without spiking the blood sugar levels and keep you full throughout the morning: green smoothie









Yesterday’s Green Smoothie!

Oatmeal is by far one of the best choices you can make. Oats are chock full of soluble fiber, which helps remove cholesterol from your body. It also helps bring your blood sugar under control AND aids in the loss of weight. Great reasons to have oats. BUT, you may have grown up like I did covering it with brown sugar and butter or milk and this is NOT the healthy way to eat your oats. Also, avoid the Minute oats or Instant oats (which generally contain lots of sugar and flavorings), as the more broken down the fibers, the less benefit you receive. Old fashioned oats only take five minutes and they are well worth the invested time. Try this recipe, but cut the maple syrup down to 1 tsp if you are pre-diabetic, or you can cut it out completely and add a bit more cinnamon to “sweeten” the oats. My new program will be coming soon and eating a healthy breakfast will be an important component.

banana nut oatmea

Another great idea for oats, chop an apple, peel and all, and add with the oats, along with a teaspoon or two of cinnamon. A few slices of banana can also be added, or a cup of blueberries.

Some not so ordinary ideas for breakfast include a veggie wrap and you can use the cashew cream or hummus, but be careful of commercial hummus. It is often full of fat, so consider making your own following this recipe.


I also eat salad for breakfast when I am in a hurry or have an early plane to catch. I pick up a salad at Trader Joes, or make my own when possible, pack an ice pack, and I can eat on the plane, passing on the pretzels and cookies. I have had no problem taking an ice pack through security.

The Cowgirl bowl is a good choice too, but I wrote this recipe before I understood the impact dairy has on us. Try it without the cheese and sour cream. Load up on the salsa instead.

cowgirl bowl

Breakfast doesn’t have to be eggs and bacon any more. Branch out and try something new, but above all else, eat your breakfast!

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Are You Afraid?

Fear is the number one reason people do not change eating or exercise habits. We fear change because it is hard. We will have to think about what we eat. When we will work out. Whether our family will support us. We fear failure if we attempt change, but not making changes means failure is bound to occur, it just won’t be immediate. Your body will fail over time and then you will think, why didn’t I make changes? Why didn’t I…?

So doesn’t it make sense to make changes? The trick is in knowing that change must be gradual. Nothing instantaneous. No overnight weight loss. No kick ass body in two weeks. No miraculous cure. Slow, reasonable change is what will make the difference in your health and body. Diets don’t work because they aren’t lasting and they really aren’t about change. They are about instantaneous results. Get it? Instant and Change do not go together!!!

79 million people are walking around with pre-diabetes and do not know they are a walking time bomb for Type II Diabetes. The symptoms in the pre stage are subtle to non-existent, but they are there waiting for the scale to be tipped into full blown Type II Diabetes. Will it take a diagnosis of Type II Diabetes for you to make changes? Or would it be better to right now say how can I start changing my habits. How can I take away my risk for Type II Diabetes? How can I change?

What change can you make today? What one little thing can you do for your health today? Start simple. Share your change!

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Green Eggs and Beans

Friday Foodie: Green Eggs and Beans

This is a super simple breakfast that is unbelievably delicious by itself or served on toast or tortillas. I came up with this idea after laying in bed one morning thinking about a recipe I had seen with eggs cooked in salsa. I decided to experiment and see what I could come up with and this is the result: Green Eggs and Beans! It’s a healthy, hearty way to start your morning!

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Spread a can of refried black beans or pinto beans in the bottom of a ten inch oven proof skillet. (Use a deep dish pie pan if you don’t have an oven proof skillet.) I rubbed just a hint of olive oil over the bottom of the skillet to keep the beans from sticking. A non-stick spray is fine too.

Pour a jar of salsa verde over the top of the beans. Make four indentions with a spoon, pressing the indention down into the beans, but don’t go to the bottom of the skillet.

Carefully break the eggs, one into each indention.

eggs in salsa verde wells

Bake ten to twelve minutes, just until the whites turn white.

eggs cooked

As soon as the whites actually turn white at about the ten to twelve minute mark, remove from oven and spread with green onions and an ounce of good quality shredded cheddar cheese. Too much cheese and you end up with a not so healthy dish.

Return to oven for two to ten minutes, depending on how hard you like the yoke of the egg. I like mine runny, but overcooked these a bit. Next time I would have a total of no more than fifteen minutes from start to finish.

Green Eggs and Beans

Serve by itself, on toast or on crisp corn tortillas. Sheer morning yumminess!

Green eggs and beans on toast

Have a great weekend! Enjoy!

Friday Foodie: Green Eggs and Beans
Recipe type: Breakfast
Cuisine: New Mexican
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2 - 4
Super simple hearty skillet breakfast of beans, eggs and salsa verde.
  • One can refried black beans or pinto beans, non-fat variety
  • One jar salsa verde
  • Four high quality eggs
  • Four scallions chopped
  • One ounce high quality cheddar cheese, shredded
  1. Preheat oven to 375.
  2. Prepare ten inch oven proof skillet with non-stick spray or thin coat of olive oil.
  3. Spread beans on bottom of skillet.
  4. Pour salsa verde on top of beans.
  5. Make four indentions in the salsa, pressing down into the beans, but not to bottom of pan.
  6. Gently crack one egg into each indention.
  7. Bake just until whites turn whites and eggs are set.
  8. Remove from oven and spread with green onions and cheese.
  9. Return to oven and cook for another three to ten minutes, depending on the desired doneness of the eggs.
  10. Serve alone or on top of toast or on a bed of crisp corn tortillas.
  11. To crisp corn tortillas, cut into wedges, bake on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees, for five to ten minutes, being careful not to burn.


Beat Diabetes

3 Steps to Kickstart Your Morning

It’s a beautiful mornin’! Or is it? How did you start your day today? Rushing? Yelling? Slamming down some coffee? Late for work? Starting the morning in this way will not lead to anything positive. Establishing a regular morning routine, one which includes a healthy breakfast, can mean the difference between a day filled with chaos or one full of peace and productivity. Here are three steps to starting the morning in a fantastic day making way:

1. Set the alarm 20 minutes earlier than your norm. Make your drink of choice and have a seat with a spiritual read or take time to meditate. This simple act gives your brain a positive message to think on while you proceed through the rest of the morning routine.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast. This is still the most important indicator of a successful day. We have been hearing about this for years BECAUSE IT WORKS! If you don’t eat breakfast, your brain will stall out and your energy wane, long before the lunch whistle blows and you won’t be impressing your boss (whether that’s yourself or someone else) with dull, uninspired work.

3. Leave the television OFF! Yes, OFF! What is the worst thing that could happen if you don’t listen/watch the infotainment news of the morning and wait until you turn on your computer at work to see the headlines? The BEST thing that can happen is your mind can dwell on positive thoughts generated by your morning read AND give you the time to think creatively before you switch into DRIVE mode.

By kickstarting your morning with a regular routine using at least these three simple steps, you can find your productivity rising and your smile styling all day!

Need some help KICKSTARTING your morning routine? Contact me: jane@janeannthompson.com




Gila Mountains

The “Bad Ass” Challenge: Are you up for it?




Wondering where I’ve been for the past week? I was out backpacking Turkey Creek canyon in the Gila Wilderness with my friends and colleagues from REI. the whole gang I signed onto this trip, my first backpacking trip ever,  when Les posted it in on FaceBook in January. I have had lots of camping adventures in my life, but had never backpacked, so this was my opportunity to try it out with experienced people and see if I liked it. What I discovered was I LOVED backpacking. There is something great about carrying everything you need on your back, going where few people travel, setting up a tent, my tent sleeping in the wilderness view inside my tent and experiencing nature up close and personal. And the stars, oh my gosh, the stars at night are incredible. If you have never seen the night sky away from the lights of a city, you have missed a true wonder. Having lived in Memphis, TN for a few years, I know what it’s like to see a night sky full of reflected light and maybe two or three stars, so I more than ever appreciate a sky full of stars, especially under a New Mexico sky.

This trip was a true challenge for me because I still suffer a little pain from the sciatica episode I had over two years ago and was worried this would keep me from the trip, but my regular swimming and cycling have paid off. My pack weighed in at just under 35 pounds, a manageable weight for the trail, and my body was fit enough for the hike and the bouldering we had to do. We crossed the river three times, river crossing as we went in and came out, a daunting task for me because as a 9 year old I was swept away in a river for about 50 yards, but fortunately caught by an adult down stream; however the fear of that was in the back of my head as I took that first step into the river. My friend’s encouragement to look at the shore, not at the water, made the crossing easier and once I realized the current was not that bad, I was fine. We hiked on a trail for the first four miles, crossing Turkey Creek back and forth many times, but then we came to the “hole in the wall,” a ten foot passage through a rock cliff, in which we had to crawl and pull our backpacks behind us. hole in the wall with keri and dawn Emerging from the hole, we then had to go through the “squeeze” up over some boulders through a narrow passage. Once on the other side, the next 1/2 mile to our camp was over and around boulders and cliffs, narrow paths, or no path at all, and many creek crossings. And don’t let 1/2 mile fool you, that half mile took over two hours going in, and an hour and a half coming out!

Once to camp, we set up our tents, ate our dinner and then gathered round the campfire to talk about our day. Through our team work of helping each other through out the journey, and those conversations around the fire, we came to know each other better and to appreciate each other more as well. my beloved tea pot and stove

When we hiked out, once we had made it back through the “squeeze” and the “hole in the wall,” we stopped for lunch. beginning of wilderness trailI remarked it felt good to have the tough part behind us and Dawn said to me, “doesn’t it make you feel bad ass to have done that?” and I said yes, and she told me, “you are a bad ass!” And you know what, I am! I challenged myself to go beyond my comfort zone and to do something that mentally and physically challenged me. When we crossed back over the river for the last time, it had risen at least six inches since we went in, rising to the crotch of my pants, and was flowing faster than before, but I dug my walking poles in and plunged across, knowing I was a “bad ass” and could do it!

I know backpacking is not for everyone. My husband loves car camping but has no desire to backpack. But he chooses to challenge himself with an ultra marathon of 54.2 miles down the continental divide, and the Portland Marathon, and this year he is planning to ride the Enchanted Circle, a 100 mile bike ride in northern New Mexico, all challenges I have no desire to do. We each have to chose our own challenge and rise to the occasion. Gila Mountains

So what will your challenge be? Are you leading a sedentary life? Maybe the challenge of running a 5K would be right for you. Can’t run? Then walk that 5K. Take a hike and challenge yourself with some hills. Live in a city? Then hike the city. Go places you haven’t explored. Already a runner? Then try a triathlon. Get on a bike. Take a swim. Chose a challenge and start training and preparing. Life is short. I wish I had started backpacking thirty years ago, but I didn’t. However, I refuse to say it’s too late. It’s never too late to do something new. Never too late to challenge yourself and never too late to become a “bad ass!”

Let me know what your “bad ass” challenge will be! Can’t wait to hear and cheer you on!

Peace and Joy

One of the best ways to help prevent Type II Diabetes is to exercise on a regular basis. Let’s beat this disease by preventing it in the first place. Contact me: 575-937-3579 or jane@janeannthompson.com, and let’s talk about how you can prevent Type II Diabetes.

type ii diabests

How Safe is your health from Type II Diabetes?

Are you at risk for Type II Diabetes? 












If you are eating the typical American diet, processed foods that are sugar and fat laden, few or no vegetables, sodas (sugared or sugar free), and few fruits, you are at RISK!

Symptoms may vary, or be non-existent, but you should be on the look out for these warning signs:

1. Excessive thirst. Your kidneys are working overtime to rid the body of excess sugar, which also rids the body of fluids, resulting in THIRST.

2. Frequent urination. See #1. Kidneys are working overtime and thus you have to pee a lot.

3. Unexplained weight loss. Being OVERWEIGHT is a risk factor for Type II Diabetes, but an unexplained weight loss, from all the sugar expulsion your kidneys are undertaking, can result in weight loss, an UNHEALTHY weight loss.

4. Blurry Vision. All that fluid your body is excreting, see #2, is also taking fluid from your eyes, which can result in permanent vision loss.

5. Fatigue. The excessive work your kidneys are up to is making you TIRED.

6. Tingling or numbness in hands or feet. This is called neuropathy and is mighty dangerous and in the severest of cases, may result in loss of limbs or digits. Not a good thing.

7. Frequent infections that are slow to heal. HELLO, your body’s immune system is deeply compromised by all the work your kidneys are having to do to try and take care of YOU! This often means bladder infections and yeast infections for women and red, swollen, and tender gums for both sexes.

8. Impotence! Men, this means erectile dysfunction. No pleasing your woman is going to be going on under those covers. And women, impotence can effect you too.

Are you at risk? Risk for Type II DiabetesTake this quiz to determine your RISK!

If YOU have any of these symptoms, TAKE ACTION!!! Prevention, NOT intervention is the first step. Read Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He has had GREAT success with patients losing weight and putting Type II Diabetes behind them. Changing your lifestyle to one of healthy living can mean the difference between a life time of drugs and doctor visits or a life time of living HEALTHY!!

Afraid of feeling deprived when you have to give up all those sugary, fattening, processed foods? Then consider this: by not changing your diet you can be deprived of your TIME. You will be spending countless hours in doctor’s offices and hospitals. You can be deprived of your HEALTH, and spend countless hours on the couch and in bed. You can be deprived of your MONEY, by giving it all to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. You can be deprived of your LIFE, because you will more than likely die much sooner than you would have otherwise and it won’t be a quick, oh I’m dead sort of death. It will be miserable getting there.

YOU have the choice to take control of your life and be healthy or to spend your life spiraling downhill to illness. Type II Diabetes is preventable and curable. Make a decision to be healthy and do everything in your power to get there!

Need help? I am starting a Diabetes Program and have two spots available for $395.00. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send you the details. Contact me: jane@janeannthompson.com

Check out all my health coach plans!

Peace and joy!


candle light

Yes, We Are All Going to Die

Lilies on tombstone


There is no doubt, we will all die at some point, but how do you want to go out? My friend, who chooses to live a vegan lifestyle, recently went home to visit family. She recounted how they gave her such a hard time about how she eats and lives her life, chiding her that we’re all going to die anyway, so might as well eat whatever you want. She went on to tell me how her overweight mother suffers from Type II Diabetes which gravely affected her when she received a gash to her leg and landed her in the hospital after almost dying. My friend just turned 40, but looks 30. She does CrossFit, bikes, hikes and walks to work most days. She feels great and looks great. Her quality of life is great. Yes, she someday will eventually die, but she won’t be fighting for her life in a hospital due to Type II Diabetes, or huffing and puffing walking up a flight of stairs since she’s not overweight. She won’t spend countless hours in doctor offices or time each day swallowing pills. She will be out enjoying her life.

I know from my own experience, eating well and exercise make all the difference. Being a little over 50, I do suffer some aches and pains occasionally. I am a little stiff at times, but when I slack off on living healthy, as I did a bit over the holidays, my body starts screaming at me to get moving and quit feeding me junk. As we age, working out might hurt a little, but not working out hurts a lot more. I want to go out strong, no matter what age that might be. What about you? Are you ready to make a commitment to live healthy and strong? Yes, you are going to die someday, but why not enjoy every minute until you do?

Need some help to change your lifestyle? Contact me at Jane@janeannthompson.com, and let’s talk about how you can live strong and healthy!

Peace and joy!

Pile of green

Where’s the Green?

Pile of green

Are you eating your green vegetables each day? I found these in my fridge today: celery (a must for nut butters), spinach (going in my smoothie as soon as I finish posting this), some pea sprouts (smoothie bound) cilantro (I put this on beans. Always. Love it!), haricots verts (for my favorite salad of all time) and some asparagus (forgot it was in there and it is on it’s last leg, must use immediately), some broccoli (just a little left from a recipe I made earlier this week) and some salad greens, but I don’t think they made the picture. And this is just a few of the vegetables available to all of us in any grocery!

Green vegetables need to be the essential element of our diets. They provide vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and are low in calorie, have no cholesterol or fat and help our bodies fight cancer, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. WOW! When you consider all these little gems do for us, how can you not eat them? Since I became a nutritarian and greened up my life, I don’t have to worry about calories and gaining weight. Tired of fighting the battle?  Want to feel your best and look your best? Time to green up your life!!

I will be starting new health coaching sessions in January. Contact me at: jane@janeannthompson.com for details!

Peace and Joy!