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Sunday Spiritual Thought


Dietrich Bonhoeffer contemplated in the Cost of Discipleship, one of the most difficult concepts of Jesus’s to follow, that of praying for our enemies. Bonhoeffer was persecuted and eventually murdered by the Nazi’s just before the end of WWII. He writes, “We are approaching an age of widespread persecution. The Christians will be hounded from place to place, subjected to physical assault, maltreatment and death of every kind…By praying for such enemies, we do vicariously for them what they cannot do for themselves. Who needs our love more than those who are consumed with hatred? Through prayer we stand beside our enemies and plead to God on their behalf.”

No matter your beliefs, praying or sending positive and spiritual thoughts towards those who hate, releases you from their hatred and turns them over to another power. Be consumed with love. Send the power of love to your enemies or those filled with hate and let go!

Peace and Joy!