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Making a joyful choice


Today, in my journal, I ran across this postcard that I picked up in New York, two years ago, while visiting The Frick Museum. It is a drawing by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (1746–1828) and the title is Regozijo (Mirth). I bought it because I was enamored by the sheer joy these two women expressed, and I was going through a very difficult time in my life due to circumstances outside my control. I wanted to remind myself, joy is in our hearts. Joy is in the love we share with others. Joy is in just living each day fully and not allowing someone else to destroy us. We have the choice each and every day to be happy and I know in my own life that is what makes the difference, making that choice.

I recently met a woman in Santa Fe who during the course of our conversation told me that she has no choice. Her life has been decided for her by the powers that be and no matter what she does, no matter if she has hope or not, she has no control over her life. Her cynical speech blew me away. I have thought about her many times since, and what a sad life she lives. Yet, at the same time, what an  excuse she lives. She does not take responsibility for her life. If she makes bad choices? Not her fault.  If she’s unhappy? Not her fault. No responsibility. That’s taking the easy way out for sure.

Want to have a great 2013? Take responsibility for yourself. Set realistic goals. Plan to succeed. Be kind to everyone. Love others. Share what you have, whether it’s time, money, or yourself, share. Laugh out loud. Often. And be happy.

See you next year!

Peace and Joy!

I am currently reading this book

A Thousand Sisters book jacket

I am reading the book, A Thousand Sisters, a memoir about a woman’s efforts to raise money for the women of Congo. In doing research, I ran across this video and thought I would share. Our lives in this country are so easy. Don’t take a single one for granted and find a way to do something for others. Happiness lies within us, but so does unhappiness. Getting outside ourselves and devoting ourselves to a cause is one of the best ways to be happy!

I Am Congo video link

I Am Congo is a groundbreaking video series featuring five amazing people living their lives amid the deadliest war in the world.