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Lining up for breakfast!



Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. In continuing my series on breakfast ideas, here are a few that can start your day without spiking the blood sugar levels and keep you full throughout the morning: green smoothie









Yesterday’s Green Smoothie!

Oatmeal is by far one of the best choices you can make. Oats are chock full of soluble fiber, which helps remove cholesterol from your body. It also helps bring your blood sugar under control AND aids in the loss of weight. Great reasons to have oats. BUT, you may have grown up like I did covering it with brown sugar and butter or milk and this is NOT the healthy way to eat your oats. Also, avoid the Minute oats or Instant oats (which generally contain lots of sugar and flavorings), as the more broken down the fibers, the less benefit you receive. Old fashioned oats only take five minutes and they are well worth the invested time. Try this recipe, but cut the maple syrup down to 1 tsp if you are pre-diabetic, or you can cut it out completely and add a bit more cinnamon to “sweeten” the oats. My new program will be coming soon and eating a healthy breakfast will be an important component.

banana nut oatmea

Another great idea for oats, chop an apple, peel and all, and add with the oats, along with a teaspoon or two of cinnamon. A few slices of banana can also be added, or a cup of blueberries.

Some not so ordinary ideas for breakfast include a veggie wrap and you can use the cashew cream or hummus, but be careful of commercial hummus. It is often full of fat, so consider making your own following this recipe.


I also eat salad for breakfast when I am in a hurry or have an early plane to catch. I pick up a salad at Trader Joes, or make my own when possible, pack an ice pack, and I can eat on the plane, passing on the pretzels and cookies. I have had no problem taking an ice pack through security.

The Cowgirl bowl is a good choice too, but I wrote this recipe before I understood the impact dairy has on us. Try it without the cheese and sour cream. Load up on the salsa instead.

cowgirl bowl

Breakfast doesn’t have to be eggs and bacon any more. Branch out and try something new, but above all else, eat your breakfast!

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green smoothie

Breakfast in a rush: Green Smoothie

In last week’s post, I shared with you why breakfast is so important, so this week, I want to give you a few breakfast ideas to get your morning going at top notch energy. Today, a smoothie that will fill you up and fuel you up for a productive start to the day.

green smoothie ingredients

This green drink may seem odd, but it is chock full of vitamins and minerals, and if you are looking for nutrient density, this is a good choice, plus, it’s pretty tasty! I have made smoothies for breakfast for several years now and they have evolved as I’ve learned more and more about nutrition and the way our bodies work. Though not as sweet as a fruit filled smoothie, cutting out the fruit keeps the smoothie from pumping up your blood sugar level and is more evenly dispersed in your blood system to keep you feeling full longer.

Measure 1/2 cup of coconut water and 1/2 cup of coconut milk, almond milk or water into a high powered blender. To this add 1/2 tbs. ground flax seed, 2 large handfuls of baby spinach or a combination of spinach and kale, with the hard center stem removed from the kale. Grate a medium to large carrot and throw this in for a little bit of sweetness. Add a 1/2 – 1 tsp of grated fresh ginger and the juice of a small to medium lemon to really punch up the flavors. Spinach needs just a bit of fat to help it unlock all its nutrients, so add 1/4 of a small avocado or 1/2 tsp of coconut oil. Toss in a peeled cucumber. I use the Persian cucumbers, as they are smallish in size. If using a regular cucumber, 1/2 is probably enough. Throw in some micro greens if available. Blend and enjoy.

LOVE with veggies

If you want to boost your smoothie staying power and nutrient density, I add to my smoothies, 2 scoops of Purium L.O.V.E. This is a vegetable protein powder that is all real food ingredients, no supplements or whey of any kind. This helps boost my smoothie to the next level of staying power and nutrient density. You can check out all Purium products here. I also use Purium Joint Flex for my osteo arthritis and love how well it works, much better than other products I have tried.

grated ginger

Never grated fresh ginger before? Peel the hard woody covering off a piece about an inch or two long. Grate on a small holed grater.

green smoothie

Breakfast is a must for keeping your weight in check and your blood sugar level. Let me know if you have questions about this smoothie. I’ll share some additional recipes Thursday and in the Friday Foodie!