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My Santa Fe: Blue Corn Cafe

This way to Blue Corn Cafe


Good morning fans of My Santa FeBlue Corn Cafe, downtown at 133 Water Street, is another favorite for us. We are big fans of the Wednesday night, all night, $2.00 pints and the bartender, Dom.

Dom at Blue Corn




















The bar has recently been remodeled, and though I loved the coziness of the old bar, the new is a great place to watch a game and hang out with friends. The staff is friendly and the food is great. We always enjoy a visit here. I have been on a quest to find the best Huevos Rancheros here in Santa Fe and believe I have found them at Blue Corn.





This is a rare treat dish for me, but as a true New Mexican, one cannot go without eating it on occasion. Two corn tortillas layered with red chile, a bit of cheese and then covered in more red chile with two eggs, for me over medium, on top and you have the perfect combination of deliciousness. Blue Corn red chile sauce has just the right punch and flavor.




As a health coach, believe me, chips are not a healthy choice, but Blue Corn Cafe has the thinnest, crispiest chips and every now and then I must indulge. The secret to enjoying chips is to load your chip with the salsa and guacamole, both very healthy, savor the flavor and then only eat a few of the chips.

The interior of the new bar is light filled during the day, and has great lighting in the evening.




Including some unique features.




The menu is varied and they do have some healthier choices than huevos. The salads can all be adjusted for the health conscious and the tortilla filled salad is really good, but DO NOT eat the shell and leave off the sour cream.

There are two locations for Blue Corn, the cafe downtown, and the brewery located at 4056 Cerrillos Road. We stop in there every now and then if we find ourselves on that side of town.

Both locations offer the brewery’s beers. My favorite is End of the Trail Brown Ale. Steve likes an IPA, but branches out to their seasonals now and then. They had a Scotch Ale earlier this year, which is my ultimate fav. Must be my Scottish roots.

Give Blue Corn Cafe a try. Tell Dom I sent you and enjoy!

See you around Santa Fe!

walking through gate




















Peace and Joy!