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The Sugar Diaries: How I’m changing my health and you can too!

I am sitting in Starbucks this morning, trying their “new” steel cut oats. They were supposed to have blueberries available, but they don’t, so having mine with nuts and cinnamon. No Sugar Added!! I know the addictive power of sugar, but it really has come home to me over the last couple of months. It started on my trip to Europe with a few desserts. When I returned home, straight into Thanksgiving, there were a few pieces of  pie and then I got more cautious, but as Christmas approached, I had a bit here and there, and with a few sugary gifts in my stocking I was whole hog addicted again! Yikes! Spent several weeks eating sweets with abandon and my joints started aching, I wasn’t sleeping well, I started riding the sugar roller coaster, and had just an overall feeling of unease. This is what sugar does to us and more! I decided I had to get back on track and so I approached my friend and colleague, Claudia Olivié, about trying her sugar addiction program because I am ready to kick the habit for good. She agreed to take me on and here I am, four days in.

As a health coach, it is hard to admit I’m not doing the health thing perfect all the time, because I really want to. However, we all have our difficult moments and this one has been mine. And let’s face it, no one is perfect. Admitting we need help though is half the battle. So the health coach, hired a health coach, just like, arguably the best golfer in the world, Tiger Woods, has a swing coach, and triathletes hire coaches, and doctors see other doctors. We all need the assistance of others.

I am on my fourth day of the two week sugar program, and have lost a couple of the pesky pounds I gained, my head is clearing up, and I have more energy this morning, even though I had a short night’s sleep. Yesterday, the third day, was the toughest so far, as Claudia said it would be, so I look for today to be easier and all the days to come to be easier yet. This is a program with lots of support, but Claudia does not “sugar coat” her method. She knows what she’s doing and expects you to follow the program to the letter to achieve great results and I know I will. So far so good. Or maybe I should say GREAT.

I’ll share more with you as I go. I will also have Claudia guest blog here so you can hear a bit from her as well.

Need some help getting your health together? Just a tweak or a full overhaul? Sign up for a free health and wellness consultation and let’s talk about ways to get your body and mind where you want them to be.


Peace and Joy!



Sugar in the mornin’, sugar in the evening’, sugar when the sun goes down…

Sugar! We crave it. We want it. We eat it. 156 pounds of added sugar per year is what the average American consumes according to the USDA. Only 29 pounds of that is attributed to regular sucrose or table sugar, the rest comes from foods with added sugar and 33% of that comes from sweetened beverages such as sodas and sports drinks. WOW!!! We are a nation ADDICTED to sugar and it’s showing in our health and well being with Type II Diabetes and heart disease sky rocketing in our population. Though there are those who say sugar is not the direct cause of these diseases, it is a huge factor in our over consumption of calories, and too many calories day in and day out can lead to obesity which is a direct factor.

The World Health Organization recommends no more than 8 teaspoons a day of sugar, which is less than the 10 teaspoons of sugar in a single can of soda. How then do we cut out sugar? Most people fall to it’s addictive power and find it difficult to eliminate, but there are ways to overcome the addiction and take action for your health:

1. Read labels. If you are buying any kind of processed food, it more than likely contains sugar. Go through your kitchen and read the labels there. Start pitching sugar laden products and don’t buy them in the future.

2. Beat cravings by keeping fruit handy. Substitute fruit for that afternoon candy bar and hot tea for that morning caramel vanilla latte. Even if you add a teaspoon of sugar to the tea, this is far less than the 9 teaspoons in that tall latte.

3. Pay attention to your body. Sugar gives us an instant rush of energy, but the downside is a depression of no energy once the high is gone. When you free yourself of this addictive pattern, energy will stay on an even keel, allowing more productive hours in the long run. Keep a journal of cravings, moods, and how you feel. This will allow you to see how much better things run when the sugar is no longer a part of the diet.

I know there is no easy way to overcome the ever present sugar beast, but taking charge of your health and wellness requires vigilance and dedication. No one can do it for you. Take action today and feel your best!

Peace and joy!