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Pump up the Volume to lose weight!

Who is going to stick with a weight loss program that leaves you hungry and feeling deprived? Not many people. I advocate a plant based diet for weight loss and getting blood sugar levels under control, but the one thing I’ve learned is, volume is what keeps a person sticking with the program versus giving up and throwing in the towel.

Our bodies do not respond to calories, per se, as we eat. Our stomach tells our head to stop eating when it feels full. Foods high in water, like soups and fruits, help keep the calorie count lower, yet make for a full, satiated feeling.

Here are some ideas to try:

Soups: clear or broth soups are best, avoid cream soups. Choose low sodium or make your own.

Salads: pump up the volume on salads by adding green beans, garbanzo beans or others; cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, or any other chunky vegetables that appeal. Use fat-free dressings, lemon, apple cider vinegar or balsamics.

Fruits: apples, oranges and pears are dense and filling.

Vegetables: all varieties by themselves or add to sauces and casseroles to pump up the volume.

Beans: all varieties by themselves or make chili and casseroles using beans.

Whole grains: brown rices, whole grain pastas will fill the stomach better than breads.

Avoid: foods high in fat or air.

Drinking water certainly can help the full feeling, but won’t last for long, so be sure your diet contains  lots of the filling fuels listed above and enjoy eating plenty.

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  1. D. Shawn Hunton says:

    Starting this today, wish me luck. No drinking for a while also, we will see if my sanity can hold out with no alcohol. Ha.

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