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A Meal to Remember

Sometimes you have to hit the road to find a meal to remember!

Seems like yesterday I was here…

and then here…

and finally…

Monday we hit the road again, but this time, I only had my little blue suitcase, the backpack and a tote. Yay!

Though many meals are just standard fare, we had a meal to remember before we took off Monday afternoon. Sunday night was by far the best meal of our trip and might actually be the best for the entire time we are in England. We ate at Hotel du Vin in Bristol, “A magnificently restored, 18th Century Sugar House,” and it was magnificent. We started with cocktails in the bar, which for me was a cosmopolitan, a drink I have not had in years, but was spot on! Then we were seated in the gorgeous dining room, where the sommelier suggested a light red wine for starters, but for dinner, because some were having beef and others fish, he suggested a different red for the beef eaters, which was a wine from Crasto Winery, so smooth, so velvety, so big, I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Yes, call me a wino, because I LOVE a good red wine and will remember this red for a long time.

Starter for me was a brioche with mushrooms, which was delicious…

and one of my dinner mates had the Onion soup

and another the scallops

Then for dinner, I could not resist…one of my all time favorite dishes…one I make very well myself, but have not had in many years…and not a food I have often, so yes, my friends, I had beef, and not just any beef, but big rich beautiful Beef Bourguignon…

and though this picture does not do it justice, this was heavenly! Far better than I have ever made. Braised beef short ribs, Portobello mushrooms, shallots and smoked pancetta with a thick, sticky sauce. It literally melted in my mouth and the roasted carrots were fab as well. 

One of the other dishes at our table was the Lemon Sole and I did sample a little bite of it. Delicious!

Even the steak and frites was incredible. I nibbled a couple of the frites to be sure!

No meal like this would be complete without…drum roll please…

upside down chocolate pot! Oh, just kidding, at least about the upside down part…

(if you are viewing this on a phone or pad, the picture righted itself. Hmmm. Not so on my computer. Had to go in and turn it to get it right)

This little gem was perfect. Baked Valrhona Au Chocolat Pot with creme chantilly! Delicious does not even describe how good it was!

And the other dessert at our table…

lemon tart and raspberry sorbet. Both with just the right amount of tartness and sweetness.

The wine sommelier came back around as I was enjoying my pot of chocolat, possibly when I was licking the pot clean (not really, but I wanted to) and so I asked if he had a tawny Port. I am not a fan of a ruby port, but do love a tawny. He brought me a sample of a port that I must, let me restate that, MUST find. A tawny by Krohn, Port shippers since 1865, that was incredible. I have never tasted a Port like this, so smooth, so perfect a blend of flavors, not plummy tasting at all, as some Ports can be, just absolutely lovely. Sigh.

This was a special meal, the kind we rarely indulge in, but it was so worth it for one night! 

Me and our friend, Martin, full and content after a very great meal.

So sorry the pictures are rather poor in quality. I did not have my camera and resorted to an iPhone and in this light, they did not do well.

There are more meals to come. And more of me coming home in three months. I think I’ve gained ten pounds already. Not good, but one must sacrifice for the greater good. Yes?



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  1. Nina says:

    Yes, sacrifices MUST be made. So glad you are having a wonderful time. Anne and Andy say that after Mexico, the move is to England. Think I will be forced to visit a lot! Keep having fun–you do know how.

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