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Kindness is the language of love

Love and Kindness: What if today is your last day?

Kindness is the language of love

Death and dying are prominent on the internet today. First I saw this post about a young man, Zach Sobiech, who had a rare cancer, but lived such a life of joy and happiness. His song, Clouds, has had over 3 million views, so you may have seen this already, but I wanted to share it here. He died yesterday.

Then I read about the people of Moore, OK, who were devastated by a tremendous tornado that stayed on the ground for 40 mins, cutting a huge swath across the state. So far, at least 91 deaths have been reported from yesterday, but authorities fear there are many more.

Zach had time to prepare for his death. He chose to be an inspiration to others. To live each day he had to the fullest. He showed his friends and family infinite love and kindness. It doesn’t make his passing easier for his friends and family, but they will have precious moments to hold onto that they were able to create together.

Those in Oklahoma had 15 minutes warning at most, that a storm was approaching. Many circumvented death by taking shelter, and sadly, others did not make shelter. They had no time to prepare. Death came.

Even though Zach had much more “warning” of imminent death, he still didn’t know when it would occur. The people in Oklahoma did not know. None of us know. But we have today, right now to live. To choose to be happy. To choose to be kind to others. To let this day be lived as if it were our last.

Hug your family, kiss them, tell them you love them. If they live far away, write them, call them.

Smile at people, be kind, hug your friends, help a neighbor, help a stranger.

Make precious moments with those you love so that should you die unexpectedly, they know, they know without a doubt, you love them. Kindness is the language of love.

Happiness and hugs to all,



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