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Kazoozles! What?


I have been staying with my grandkids since Friday while my son and daughter-in-law were away. Tre, kept telling me about Kazoozles and that I must try them. The kids know Gramma is all about healthy and they eat pretty healthy too, but when a gramma has been asked to try Kazoozles, she must try Kazoozles. Unfortunately, when my son got back, and took Tre to the store to accomplish his gramma Kazoozles mission, the store was all out. Sigh, no Kazooles for this gramma this time, but someday, I’ll give one a try because even though I eat healthy 99.5% of the time, giving in to a request from a grandson, or for a birthday party, or for some other occasion, is not going to do me in. I don’t have to make an issue out of every food choice I just need to be sure healthy choices are my main choice.

While looking up how to spell Kazoozles, I found that Amazon carries them in a case of 24. Tre got quite excited, but his mom asked him, “What does Type II Diabetes look like? How about 24 pkgs of Kazoozles.” And the truth is, 24 packages of any unhealthy food is not going to be in our best interest, but a little taste is going to be alright.

What are you eating these days? Too many Kazoozles? Let me know if I can help!

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