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How Safe is your health from Type II Diabetes?

Are you at risk for Type II Diabetes? 












If you are eating the typical American diet, processed foods that are sugar and fat laden, few or no vegetables, sodas (sugared or sugar free), and few fruits, you are at RISK!

Symptoms may vary, or be non-existent, but you should be on the look out for these warning signs:

1. Excessive thirst. Your kidneys are working overtime to rid the body of excess sugar, which also rids the body of fluids, resulting in THIRST.

2. Frequent urination. See #1. Kidneys are working overtime and thus you have to pee a lot.

3. Unexplained weight loss. Being OVERWEIGHT is a risk factor for Type II Diabetes, but an unexplained weight loss, from all the sugar expulsion your kidneys are undertaking, can result in weight loss, an UNHEALTHY weight loss.

4. Blurry Vision. All that fluid your body is excreting, see #2, is also taking fluid from your eyes, which can result in permanent vision loss.

5. Fatigue. The excessive work your kidneys are up to is making you TIRED.

6. Tingling or numbness in hands or feet. This is called neuropathy and is mighty dangerous and in the severest of cases, may result in loss of limbs or digits. Not a good thing.

7. Frequent infections that are slow to heal. HELLO, your body’s immune system is deeply compromised by all the work your kidneys are having to do to try and take care of YOU! This often means bladder infections and yeast infections for women and red, swollen, and tender gums for both sexes.

8. Impotence! Men, this means erectile dysfunction. No pleasing your woman is going to be going on under those covers. And women, impotence can effect you too.

Are you at risk? Risk for Type II DiabetesTake this quiz to determine your RISK!

If YOU have any of these symptoms, TAKE ACTION!!! Prevention, NOT intervention is the first step. Read Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He has had GREAT success with patients losing weight and putting Type II Diabetes behind them. Changing your lifestyle to one of healthy living can mean the difference between a life time of drugs and doctor visits or a life time of living HEALTHY!!

Afraid of feeling deprived when you have to give up all those sugary, fattening, processed foods? Then consider this: by not changing your diet you can be deprived of your TIME. You will be spending countless hours in doctor’s offices and hospitals. You can be deprived of your HEALTH, and spend countless hours on the couch and in bed. You can be deprived of your MONEY, by giving it all to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. You can be deprived of your LIFE, because you will more than likely die much sooner than you would have otherwise and it won’t be a quick, oh I’m dead sort of death. It will be miserable getting there.

YOU have the choice to take control of your life and be healthy or to spend your life spiraling downhill to illness. Type II Diabetes is preventable and curable. Make a decision to be healthy and do everything in your power to get there!

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Peace and joy!


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