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Bribery will get you….

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I’m hoping, bribery will get you to sign up for my blog on Bloglovin’. This app/website allows you to follow all your favorite blogs, and now that Google is removing the RSS feed where you might be following my blog, Bloglovin is going to be a great way to capture your favorite reads! I usually don’t resort to bribes, (okay, well that time I offered some great dark chocolate for a favor is between you and me, and when I brought back Belgian chocolate to my co-workers it was just cause I missed them so much, really!) but this time, I am going to do a little bribing with some beauty like this:

or how about this:

and well you can’t beat a view like this:

Not enough?

Well how about these cute faces?

And you can’t deny this sweet face, can you?

If I could share my dark chocolate with you, I would, but since that’s impossible, I hope my tactics of stooping to grandchildren’s faces and the Colorado Rockies beauty will get you to sign up anyway! Bloglovin’s app for your smart phone is really cool, by the way, available for Android or iPhone.

A shout out to Lady Jennie at A Lady In France, one of my fav blogs. I totally stole the bribery idea from her!  (Jennie, I will bring you chocolate when I come to France next year! Promise!)

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