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Are you gambling with your life? 3 Steps for Beating Type II Diabetes

We are easily lulled into complacency, thinking Type II Diabetes won’t happen to me, but upwards of 70 million people are walking around with pre-diabetes and YOU might just be one of them. Odds are pretty good if you are overweight, don’t get much exercise, and eat the typical American diet of fatty foods, sugared drinks, and few, if any, vegetables and fruit.

Want to up your odds of staying healthy and beating Type II Diabetes? Here are 3 steps for beating Type II Diabetes:

1. Eat your veggies! farmer's market veggiesI know, I know, you hate vegetables, always have.You were forced to eat mushy over cooked vegetables as a kid. Don’t know what to do with them when you buy them. They are expensive. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way. Take your time and introduce yourself to a new vegetable recipe each week until you have built a repertoire of recipes you like, then start crowding them in to the daily diet until your diet is mostly plant based. This aids blood sugar levels in lowering and begins to lighten up the fat load in your blood cells. Going completely plant based is even better, but if you can’t go there, then lower your meat and dairy (combined) consumption to no more than 10-12 ounces a week. That’s not much, but more than that and you up your odds of Type II Diabetes, as well as heart disease. When you cut back on the meat, there is more resources for vegetables, not to mention that they are a lot less expensive than drugs.

2. Add 150 minutes a week of exercise to your life. That’s roughly 22 minutes a day. Think you don’t have time? It’s a lot less time than sitting in a doctor’s office for weekly appointments, blood tests, and possible hospital stays. Movement is Medicine. Make it yours!

3. Include healthy grains and legumes in your diet. Whole grains, such as barley, rolled or steel cut oats, brown rice, and other whole grains, along with a cup of legumes every day help keep blood sugar levels low and balance out the diet.

Lower your risk of Type II Diabetes and avoid being one of the 70 million people lining up in the doctor’s office.

Need some help beating the odds? Sign up for one of my programs and I’ll walk you through the changes needed for a life time of healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. Beating Type II Diabetes is my goal for YOU!



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