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5 Steps to: Change Your Mind and Change Your Life!





















Ever given much thought to why change is so hard? Most of us never really change because we don’t change our minds. We say we want to eat healthy or lose weight or get organized, etc., but then we never take the steps to change the way our mind thinks about these things. Our mind tells us being healthy is going to taste bad and losing weight is going to be hard and well, we just aren’t organized and there’s nothing to be done about it. Your mind is going to take the lazy route every single time, this is why people can sit in front of a television for hours. It’s easy. Requires no thought. Does not expend effort.¬†However, changing our mind to think differently will make all the difference. So how do you change your mind?

1. Make a Decision: Every single morning when you wake up, decide who you are going to be TODAY. Are you going to be healthy and happy? Or Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?¬†You have the power to choose and then act accordingly. Don’t think about doing it again tomorrow or in the future beyond that, just think about today only.

2. Take Action: Write a plan for your day. Trying to be healthier? Then write what actions you will take to be healthy today. Then stick to it. Healthy people move around a lot. Healthy people eat whole foods. Write these into your plans and make them detailed.

3. Concentrate: Your mind loves to be lazy so don’t let it sit idle. Idleness leads to snacking or television or nothingness. Concentrate on your plan for TODAY and follow through.

4. Don’t Fall for Mind Tricks: Your brain is going to tell you, “Gosh, you did so great yesterday, slack off today. One day won’t hurt.” WRONG! Your brain just wants to go back to lazy. Don’t let it. It takes 66 days to create new habits and so you have to keep making those plans each and every day and sticking to them.

5. Conquer Fear: All emotions are based on fear or love. Fear drives us to be angry, to overeat, to self-indulge, and on and on. Love allows us to care for our bodies, to be kind to others, to take care of the world around us. Every time FEAR takes over and you want to give in to bad habits or laziness, reach out and slap yourself. Okay, well at least say NO! Remind yourself that for today you are living as a healthy person. A loving person. A fearless person. Love yourself TODAY!

Change Your Mind!

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