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I dreamed of living in Santa Fe, NM, since my Air Force father was stationed in Los Alamos, NM, in the late sixties, and we would come down the hill to Santa Fe to visit the J.C. Penny’s on the plaza (hard to believe that location now). My parents brought us to see parades and festivals and I was always fascinated by the Native Americans sitting in front of the Palace of the Governors (where they still gather to sell their beautiful wares), but my greatest fascination was the little adobe houses (not so little anymore) scattered across the hillside as we drove into town. I wanted to live in one of those houses. Today, though I don’t live in one of those houses, I have found a comfortable traditional adobe where I live with the love of my life and take advantage of all things Santa Fe. Here I will share with you my favorites, and sometimes, not so favorites, of Santa Fe! Bienvenido!

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